I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it.

-Maya Angelou
I offer in-person sessions at my office in South Berkeley (with COVID precautions in place) or telehealth appointments for clients throughout California.

Attending therapy is a brave choice and I welcome everyone into my practice willing to engage in the hard work of self-reflection and change. I offer individual sessions for adults and teenagers, as well as various relationship formations including couples, families of origin and chosen families, siblings, parents and children and alternative family configurations.


Regardless of our circumstances, we are all capable of healing. I know this because I have experienced it myself and because I accompany people in untenable conditions deepen awareness about their patterns and access the agency, choice and community necessary to change. Therapy helps you “heal backwards” to your wise and powerful core self and create a strong internal foundation from which to navigate difficulty and allow in a wider range of feelings.

I see my role as a therapist as a guide, witness, and collaborator as people integrate all parts of themselves and their histories. You can learn more about my approach and focus here.


I believe that young people hold incredible insight into their experience and already contribute significantly to our families and communities. I have 10+ years of experience working with teenagers and have deep respect for the challenges that come along with this stage of development.

I support teenagers in identity development (including transgender and LGBTQ+ youth), navigating family transitions, developing coping skills, decreasing symptoms of anxiety, depression, social phobias, and self-harm. I often hold family sessions as part of my work with teenagers.


Our most intimate relationships offer us opportunities to heal many of the attachment wounds we experienced or inherited, but this healing takes intention and commitment! I support people in various intimate relationship formations (couples, friends, siblings) to understand attachment patterns, increase effective communication, repair trust and connection after harm occurs, resolve conflict, support one another’s healing, and consciously end relationships.

I love to work with LGBTQI+ people, families, and couples and couples navigating racial, economic and cultural differences.

Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR)

Here are some examples of people I regularly support:

  • Teenagers
  • Children and loved ones of alcoholics/addicts
  • Social justice organizers
  • Queer and LGBTQ+ people, including femmes, transgender and gender non-binary people
  • People impacted by the criminal legal system, including formerly incarcerated people
  • Cisgender men and transmasculine people working on issues related to masculinity
  • People responsible for past violence or harm
  • Survivors of violence or harm
  • People experiencing interpersonal relationship struggles
  • People with a history of childhood abuse, neglect, and/or attachment trauma
  • White people working on anti-racist commitments