I approach therapy with a frame of trauma healing and social justice.

Past clients have described me as attentive, insightful, grounded, strong, direct, and collaborative.

I will support you to gain awareness about how your experiences have been shaped by society, family, past traumas, and survival strategies. We will incorporate an embodied understanding of the influence of power, privilege, and oppression on your life and relationships. I will support you to connect to your inherent resiliency and treat all parts of yourself with curiosity and dignity. We will create a warm, collaborative and sometimes rigorous space for you to move towards more acceptance and integration. 

While I take this work seriously, I regularly make room for humor and levity.

I will be a real person in the room with you; transparent, empathetic and responsive to your unique needs and methods of processing. I am client-centered and strength-based and integrate a variety of approaches in my work including Psychodynamic, Somatic, Internal Family Systems, and Narrative Therapy. I often activate sessions through creativity as a way to make your concerns tangible for us to work with.

How I Can Help

The therapy I provide is especially supportive of people experiencing codependency, issues related to identity, depression, anxiety, addiction (their own and others), and relationship struggles. I specialize in working with people to heal attachment trauma, navigate relationships and complex family histories, recover from violence, develop boundaries, and take accountability for past harms. In addition to working with individuals and couples, I love working with teenagers, families, queer people, and activists.